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Our Partners

Northeast Minneapolis Chamber

The Northeast Minneapolis Chamber (NEMC) is a membership-based organization that serves and advocates for its members and the greater community through programs, events and opportunities that advance the economic development and prosperity of businesses and neighbors. NEMC is an affiliate of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber.

Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association

Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) strengthens and supports our local artist community with resources, promotion, and fellowship.

Centered in Northeast Minneapolis, NEMAA serves working artists both here and in geographically and artistically adjacent communities. NEMAA has over one thousand members and is best known for producing Art-A-Whirl – the largest annual artist open studio tour in the nation. NEMAA events make connections with art and artists accessible to an ever-widening audience, both locally and beyond the Twin Cities.

Public Functionary

Public Functionary (PF) is artist-led space to dream and live in a world where our multi-faceted identities are celebrated and centered. A place where creative production is reparative and generous.

PF’s mission: Supporting the expression of art and culture through studios, galleries, and performance space — PF pours into an abundant community of practice, where possibility is seen in relationship to each other

City of Minneapolis-Community Planning and Economic Development

The Great Streets Program at the City of Minneapolis offers grant and loan opportunities to perform business district revitalization and economic development work to community development corporations, business associations, neighborhood organizations, cultural organizations, and other nonprofit entities. Commercial revitalization takes multiple forms and varying levels of targeted public investment. Great Streets is one tool for assisting neighborhood business districts with continued health and improved vitality.

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